What's new: December 2011


Greetings from Ornament!

Well, eventually we have managed to overcome the continuous flow of bustling days full of chores and concerns and reach our site on the Web. We sincerely apologize for this prolonged halt and hope to henceforth update the site content on a regular basis. J

First of all, we would like to tell you what has been going on in the creative teamwork of Ornament and share the current news, as well as our plans for the near future…

During the recent ten months or so, our ensemble has done more than 40 recitals across Belarus and Russia.

We carry on our collaboration with St Martyr Elisabeth Convent (Minsk).

Thus, Ornament took part in the Orthodox Vocal Fest Majestic Voice (held at St Elisabeth Convent on 15 January) and was given a note of appreciation.

It is under the auspices of the convent that Ornament has been to more than 20 and Russian and Belarusian cities and towns. The group presented its concert programme Shrine Your Heart (it has also received a note of acknowledgement ) in the framework of the Project Music as Education of Soul, under the auspices of the Slavic Culture Festival Kladez

The article by Dmitry Artyukh Housel the Sound of the Eternity highlights creative activity of our group and its artistic life under the project Music as Education of Soul (initiated and implemented by St Elisabeth Convent)

Below here are some of the most memorable trips from that tour.

Moscow, the Main Military Clinical Hospital named after N.N. Burdenko. We gave a performance for Russian soldiers undergoing their treatment and the personnel of the Officers’ Club of the Moscow Command at Lefortovo. The group was given a warm reception of the audience and a note of acknowledgement.

Kursk., the Centre for Intellectual Culture

Lipetsk, the Regional Centre for Culture, Popular Arts and Crafts. The recital by Ornament was timed to coincide with the Slavic Literature and Culture Fest.

Men’s Vocal Ensemble Ornament still goes on with charity events. The recital of September 2010 was very special to us, as we sang to babies and children and for the personnel at Children’s Cancer Treatment Centre in Borovlyany.

In May 2011 we joined the celebration event in Molodechno dedicated to an anniversary of our friends, Men’s Vocal Group Minstrels.

The set of singers in Ornament has slightly altered. As bass singer Vitali Ambrazhevich left the group in October 2011, the vacancy was awarded to young and promising bass-baritone singer Sergey Sutko, a principal soloist of the Belarusian Musical Theatre.

… And it’s always a great pleasure to share our plans with you.

Currently, the group is getting ready for a brief tour across Europe. The scope of Ornament’s projects for the near future comprises the issue of a printed songbook of the group’s repertoire (including off-bit arrangements of popular songs), sound recording for a new CD album, and of course, further development of the website and regular updating of its content. So, let’s keep in touch!